High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree in 2024

Are you considering options beyond a traditional bachelor’s degree? Earning a high-paying job without a degree is achievable, especially in a country where most individuals don’t hold a degree. I have curated a list of 5 jobs in India that offer salaries higher than the national average and don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

Although some of these roles may need additional training or certification, the time and cost involved are often significantly less than pursuing a traditional degree. Each job listed provides insight on how to kickstart your career in that field and suggests ways to acquire in-demand skills. Whether you are inclined towards manual work or prefer a more technical role, you can almost certainly find a job on this list that suits your preferences.

Non-Degree Professions with High Pay in 2024

According to a report by Time Doctor, the average income for individuals in 2023 stood at ₹31,900 per month or ₹3,83,000 per year. The following jobs listed do not typically require a degree, yet each offers an annual salary that exceeds the national average individual income, with expectations for continued growth over the next decade. Instead of solely focusing on income, it’s important to consider which jobs align with your unique personality, interests, and skill set. Here are some of the highest-paid entry-level positions that don’t require a degree:

1. Dog trainers

If you have a knack for working with animals, a career as a dog trainer could be a great fit for you. Dog and pet trainers help animals learn how to behave at home or even become service animals. They specialize in addressing specific issues such as anxiety and must have a deep understanding of how dogs and other animals think and communicate. While a degree is not required, expertise in working with animals is essential for this role. So, if you’re passionate about working with pets and have the necessary experience, dog training could be a rewarding career path for you. 

2. Makeup artist

If you have a passion for makeup, you could excel as a makeup artist! Whether it’s in the world of television, the arts, or special occasions like weddings, being skilled at enhancing people’s appearance with makeup is what counts. Formal education is not a must for this career, but the ability to make people look amazing with makeup is key. Your income can vary based on the clientele you serve and your work environment, be it a salon or a television studio. On average, makeup artists earn a salary that’s in line with the national average. If the world of makeup excites you, a career as a makeup artist could be just the thing for you.

3. Investment advisor

To become an investment advisor, taking exams is a requirement. The industry does not have specific prerequisites for these exams. Investment advisors can either directly manage their clients’ funds or provide guidance on selecting profitable investments. Acquiring the necessary skills to pass the exams and obtain a license through the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) can be accomplished by completing a diploma or certificate program.

4. Project coordinator

If you’re looking to step into the role of a project coordinator, it’s essential to have prior experience in the relevant field. While specific credentials are not mandatory, some employers may prefer candidates with a Professional Certificate or a related degree. The job of a project coordinator demands a combination of big-picture thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to creatively solve problems. If these qualities resonate with you, pursuing a career as a project coordinator might be the right path for you.

5. Wedding planner

The wedding industry is a reliable field, and there will always be a demand for wedding planners. You don’t necessarily require a degree to kick start your career in this industry. What matters more is the ability to plan and execute a fantastic wedding. Additionally, having strong networking skills is a huge advantage, as success in wedding planning often revolves around the connections you have.

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