How to claim Laptop Insurance and Laptop Insurance Cost, Coverage 2023

Every student, professional, and expert now carries a laptop, which has become synonymous with a notebook. Owners of laptops now have a greater sense of freedom and productivity.

It is difficult to imagine a world without these portable devices since they have ingrained themselves so deeply into daily life.

This can be quite stressful for a regular employee. Laptops are not cheap, and the additional expenditures of repairs can make the situation worse.

What does the laptop insurance policy cover?
Screen Damage

If you look closely, you’ll see that one of the most frequently broken components on a laptop is the screen, which can be repaired or replaced. It typically has a tendency to be thin, making injury to it easy. Paying for a new screen does not always make sense because the laptop itself loses value every year. In this case, laptop insurance might help you out by paying for the expense of replacing or repairing the screen.

Mechanical, Electrical, or Other Similar Damage

The coverage covers cover mechanical or electrical breakdowns of the laptop, but not normal wear and tear expenditures. The brands that the insurance product covers are typically stated in clear detail in the insurance policies.

This guarantees that the laptop you purchase won’t frequently experience electrical or mechanical breakdown. But if it does, you may file a claim with your insurer right away and have it immediately repaired or replaced.

Burglary, Theft, or Fraud

Consider yourself a contractor working on a graphic design job. The deadline for submitting the artwork is in two days. However, your laptop was taken from the coworking space today.

Can you afford a new laptop right now even though you can redo all the work in the next two days? You may have used your funds or an EMI option to purchase a replacement laptop and submit an insurance claim if your laptop insurance policy covered theft.

Liquid Spillage
In this anytype of liquid damage is covered.This type of insurance is very useful when water or coffee damage your laptop. Your touchpad or keyboard could sustain serious harm if you spill coffee, a cold beverage, or even just water.

You will have the protection you need in this circumstance from the price of repairs and replacements thanks to a comprehensive laptop insurance policy.

Some best laptop insurance providers in india
For the security of your laptop, MobileAssist is a highly reputable insurance provider. In the event of loss, theft, or damage, it helps to protect the phone and the data.

Once you phone them and file a complaint, the company arranges for doorstep pick-up and drop-off service for damage repairs. According on the number of devices you have and the services included in each plan, the company offers three options.


The company’s slogan is “Whenever life happens, you remain unaffected.” This business focuses on providing specialised mobile insurance services.

This company’s top product, dubbed “gadget secure,” guarantees total security and protection against accidental damages of any type, including water damage, theft, loss, and fire damage.


SyncNScan is yet another well-known provider of mobile phone insurance. It offers defence against riot-related theft, fire damage from an accident, water damage from flooding, and intentional changes.

Additionally, the business offers you the ability to track and remove viruses and spam, remotely access your phone, automatically backup and restore your mobile data, and access many other safety features.

How to claim Laptop Insurance
In the event of any occurrence, such as the loss of the laptop, initiate the claim procedure right away.

The actions listed below are typical ones that are taken while filing a claim with the insurance company for the laptop that is insured.

Call the insurance company’s customer service line or notify them immediately using the designated channels for customer support in the case of any loss or damage to the laptop caused by any general risks or related perils covered by the policy.

File a FIR with the police in the event of a theft or robbery. Send a copy of the FIR and a properly completed claim form to the insurance company’s claim settlement department.

For the purpose of determining whether the laptop was lost or damaged due to one of the risks covered by the policy, the insurance company may choose a Surveyor or Assessor.

A final report is created by the insurance company following a thorough examination by the surveyor or the insurance company, which aids in determining the compensation amount.

The policyholder’s bank account or a third party, such as repair facilities, may receive payment of the compensation or the Sum Assured. If a cashless claim option is chosen, the insurance provider will pay the repair facility’s invoices directly.

So in this post we told you each and every thing in detail about how to claim laptop insurance and many other information regarding laptop insurance. To assist the insured in finding the best bargain, laptop insurance covers a variety of areas. However, certain scenarios, usually known as exclusions, are not covered by this insurance.

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